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Ttfautohint – Free Truetype Fonts Hinting – Improved Cleartype Rendering

Ttfautohint is a free autohinter for Truetype fonts, that aims to automate the creation of hinting instructions for Truetype fonts rendered on Windows XP, Vista and Windows7 and higher. Version 0.9.12 of Ttfautohint includes improved support for ‘Stem Width and Stem Positioning’ under Microsoft’s Cleartype font rendering. Ttfautohint – Stem Width and Stem Positioning Ttfautohint offers …

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Times New Roman

Times New Roman font is the most used character in the world, but also the one with the most controversial story: in fact, almost eighty years after its creation, it is still debated about who its creator is. For more than fifty years, in the last century, it has been attributed to a giant of …

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Rokkitt was designed as a simple and straightforward slab serif webfont that could be used easily and freely across the web for developers and designers. The geometric ‘Neo-grotesque’ Egyptian genre was popularized in the early-mid Twentieth Century in typefaces such as Rudolph Wolf’s ’Memphis’ (1929) for Stempel, Fuller Bentons ‘Stymie’ (1931) for American Type Founders, and Monotype’s …

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Radley Italic

Utilising Old Type Specimens to create New Webfonts Radley (above) started life as a hand drawn design for a “jobbing serif” for use in a busy woodcarving studio. The brief was to create an upper and lowercase character set that was straightforward to draw as the basis for high quality hand carved lettering in wood. …

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Free Fonts – Freeness as a Technological Component of Typeface Design

‘Freeness’, vernacular English, meaning; being free and able to act at will, being open or available to all. Presenting the idea that ‘freeness’ is a technological aspect of a font’s design, as equally important as ‘legibility’, ‘render quality’, or ‘language support’, and that, free fonts can enable usage that proprietary fonts are not designed for. Type on …

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What Are Fonts?

Have you ever wondered what font is? What makes it so special in the world of computers and what makes a font unique? Or why do some people say that if you write a sentence in italic means you are using a font different from the same font but without italics? Do you want to …

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Coda Font

Designed to be used in large sizes to bring bold information to web pages, it is complemented by a Regular weight for use in text and display contexts. Eye-catching, no-messing, bandwidth-saving, Coda’s Heavy (800) style is designed to be an unassuming, practical, impact heavy display font for the World Wide Web. These web fonts are …

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Norican is a script face that to a certain extent emulates hand written lettering, yet unlike hand written lettering it doesn’t contain contextual variations across it’s characters. However using opentype programming we can add features to Norican for providing character variants for different contexts. The uppercase ‘U’ in Norican webfont can be seen above, the …

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